Ringvannet on Ringvassøya is propably the best place around Tromso to go fishing for anadromous species like salmons, seatrouts and arctic sea chars. Within a few weeks  in July and August, the fish gathers around the river banks in the sea and goes up the small river to the lake just above. The fish soon spreads around in the lake, but can often be found on shallow water where there are currents or streams. The lake is quite big, and it takes about 90 minutes to walk all the way around. The most popular fishing areas in the lake are where the smaller rivers flows into the lake, especially the biggest one on the inner side. It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the inner side of the lake.

Most people just camp on the outer side of the lake which takes 3 minutes to walk to from the parking lot. This of course also makes it a perfect place for a barbeque picnic with the family, but please remember the mosquito repellent! The mosqiotos and flies can be very irritating sometimes if the temperature is right and there’s no wind.

Best time of year to go to Ringvannet is from beginning of July till the end of August. Please remember that you need a fishing licence here, which can be bought in the shop called “Vaapen Andresen” in Tromso City Center. You’re also obliged to report back any catch you get.


How to get there:

By bus – Take bus number 430 from Prostneset in Tromso city center. Tell the driver to let you off at Ringvannet. It will take about 50 minutes from Prostneset.

By car – Drive towards Kvaløya and take to the right after the big bridge. Follow the road towards “Hanses” for about 35 minutes. You have to drive through a tunnell under the sea to get to Ringvassøya. You will arrive at Ringvannet about 10 minutes after tunnell.

By bike – You have to pass a tunnel under the sea so bike is not recommended.