Nordfjord in Kattfjord

Nordfjord is a part of the broader and bigger Kattfjord, and expands towards Tromso city center in the northeast. There are two small rivers in the bottom of Nordfjord and the area around these are perfect for sea trout fishing. The sea trouts are gathering in the bottom of the fjord  and you can try your luck 2 or 3 kilometers out on either side. Fishing in the sea is free, but please keep in mind that you will need a fishing license to try your luck in the river. Fishing license costs 100 kr and can be bought in July and August from this website:

Sea trouts often move up and down with the tide for weeks, before they decide to enter the river in late summer and early fall. And sometimes they do their spawning for just a few days in the river, before they move back to the salt water sea where food and nutrition is richer.

Sea trouts are probably the strongest fish you can get on your hook in Scandinavia, it’s even stronger than salmon. Be ready for one of your best fishing experiences if a big one bites.

Fishing sea trouts in the sea is an all year activity, but best time of year is probably spring and early summer months when the fish is most active and always hunting for food.

How to get there:

By car – Drive towards Kvaløya and take to the left over the big bridge after the airport. Follow road number 862  towards Kattfjord. It takes you about 25 minutes to drive to Kattfjord.

By bike – Same route as car but allow for between 30 minutes and 1 hour.