Photo by Arnstin Rønning

Hella is one of the best recreational areas near Tromso, and its also the best place to go salt water fishing from land. It’s full name is Straumshella, and the area has been owned by the municipality since the 1950s. Several wooden buildings from the old Tromso have over the years been moved to Hella and now stands in beatiful harmony with the surrounding landscape. Some of these buildings can be rented for overnight stay and there is also a cafeteria open in the summer weekends where you can get lunch and refreshments.

The narrow strait gives the place a stong current which follows the tide, and makes it a natural feeding area for many fish species. Especially can pollocks be extremely numerous here in the summer months July and August. Cods and herrings are also quite usual to catch, and sometimes even big salmons makes a brief stop here if they go east of Kvaløya on their way to Målselva. It’s very likely you will not go empty handed from this place, so it’s also a perfect place to take your children. What can be better than barbecuing your childrens own fresh catch right next to the sea.

The strait, which also is called Rystraumen or Rya, is just deep enough so that most ship traffic going in and out of Tromso can pass safely here. It’s an impressive sight when you stand fishing on the rounded rocks near the sea, and huge cruiseships with thousands of passengers passes so close to you.

There are also several trekking routes up the hillsides, which makes it a perfect place for camping. The landscape is subarctic with low trees, and wildlife like moose, reindeers, foxes, snow hares and white-tailed eagles.

You can go here all year around, but summer months are recommended. Fishing here is free and no lisence is required. Please take extra care when the rounded rocks near the sea are wet or icy, and keep an eye out for your children.


How to get there:

By bus – Take bus number 420 from Prostneset in Tromso city center. Go off on “Straumshella” after about 40 minutes. Make sure you get the bus schedule for the return trip if you’re not staying overnight. Taxi back to town costs about 1000 kroner!

By car – Drive towards Kvaløya and take to the left over the big bridge after the airport. Follow the road towards “Straumhella” for about 25 minutes.

By bike – Same route as car but allow for between 1 and 2 hours. It’s about 30 km from city center to Hella.