Håkøybrua, The Hakoya Bridge

Photo by Margerethe Nordahl

Håkøya is a small island between Tromso and Kvaløya. It’s were the world war II battleship Tirpitz ended its days and where the remaining parts of it still lays just under sea level. The bridge out to the small island it called Håkøybrua, or Hakoya bridge in english. This bridge is a classic among yongsters and locals interested in fishing with a rod from land. You can get dozens of different species here, but cod and herring are propably the most likely. In late summer and early fall, you can sometimes see thousands of herring come close to land in the evenings. It’s often so many of them, that you can’t see the bottom even though the water is just 2 or 3 meters deep and you are standing on the bridge. You barely need any angling to catch fish when this happens.

You can go here all year around, but summer months are recommended. Especially late summer and early fall is interesting, as this is when the herrings sometimes gather around the bridge. Fishing here is free and no lisence is required.


How to get there:

By bus – Take bus number 420 or 421 from Prostneset in Tromso city center. Go off on Eidjordneset after about 25 minutes. You can also take bus 42 and go off at Eidkjosen and walk about 10 minutes from there.

By car – Drive towards Kvaløya and take to the left over the big bridge after the airport. Follow the road towards “Straumhella” for about 10 minutes. You can see the bridge to the south when you pass Eidkjosen.

By bike – Same route as car but allow for between 30 minutes and 1 hour.