Breivikelva is one of the best arctic sea char rivers in Norway. The chars goes up the river in the beginning of July and mostly stay in the river until late fall. There is a lot of clay in the area and the river can sometimes be muddy and grey. Best conditions for fishing is in late summer when the weather has been stable for a while and the river is blue and clear. Arctic sea chars can be tempted by worms, flies and all kinds of lures. Something red on your angling are often a winner.

It’s also possible to catch salmons in Breivikelva, even though the number of salmons are not close to what it used to be back in the old days.

Also remember that there are a number of great fishing lakes up in the mountains around Breivikeidet. Only trouble is that is that you have to walk steep hills for an hour or two to get there.

Remember to buy your fishing license in the small shop down at E8 in Ramfjord.


How to get there:

Car is recommended. Drive south on E8 about 20 minutes from Tromso. Turn left in Ramfjord towards Breivikeidet and you’ll get there in about 15-20 minutes. The shop where fishing license is about 1 km south of the intersection in Ramfjord where you turn left.