4 year olds big salmon catch in Reisaelva

It was supposed to be just a small picnic down the river but ended as the season record in Reisaelva for 4 year old Elian.

-We planned to go just for a small trip before his bedtime, his mother Maja Sellevoll says. After just 10 minutes of fishing, the big salmon bites. We soon had to take over the rod before the kid went downstream with the fish.

The fish weighed 19,6 kilo and was 122 centimeters long. Longer than the young angler himself. He needed help from his father to hold the fish when the picture was taken.

-It’s propably a once in a lifetime experience to catch such a big fish, his father says. It’s very few who ever experience to catch so close to 20 kilos. But I don’t think he completely realizes what he has accomplished. He used to get smaller fish, but when people ask him now he just answers that his fish has just gotten a little bit bigger.

The four year old’s fishing equipment broke when the big was being hauled, so now he needs a new one. -I guess it will be used a lot for the rest of summer. No time for holiday trips in this family, his father smiles.

Reisaelva is about 3 hours drive north of Tromso. It’s one of very few bigsalmon rivers around Tromso where the weight of salmons can get more than 20kg. Altaelva is still ranked as the number one river in the area, then Målselva and propably Reisaelva on third.