Big Data analysis shows mostly brits visits Tromso in 2017

Telenor, which is the major teleoperator in Norway, has just realeased their newest analysis on traffic data around Tromso for the period from February 15th to April 15th. By using Big Data methods and tools, they are able to show not only where tourists are coming from, but also which destinations they visit and how long they stay at each location. It’s not possible to pinpoint each individual in the statistics, but Telenor says it gives extremly valuable information about the overall patterns and trends. The data can be used in planning infrastructure and it helps authorities and agencies to foresee the tourists movements around the city and in the region. With this knowledge, authorities can provide better information and infrastructure that suits the tourists expectations better.

The data is collected from the moment visitors register their cellphone on Telenors network and it follows them all throughout their stay. Numbers from this year, show that 84 nationalities visited Tromso so far, and the number 1 country was United Kingdom. Top ten nationalities were UK, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Netherlands, Lithuania, Switzerland and Sweden.

Data also shows that as the local inhabitants of Tromso mostly goes into town in the morning and leaves in the afternoon, tourists do the exact opposite. Tourists go out of town during daytime on excursions or to different attractions and comes back to town in the evenings.

Ove Fredheim from Telenor

Telenor sees their data as a valuable contribution to the authorities planning of infrastructure, buses, city planning and so forth, but underlines that it’s not possible to identify any individual in their data. Only total number of registered cellphones in each region and how these move from on point to another are registered, Ove Fredheim from Telenor says.