Internet trolls win naming poll. Tromso is favourite to be capital of Mordor

Politicians in Norway recently decided that the two northernmost counties in Norway were to be merged. This immediately set the discussions about what this new region should be named on fire. Local newspaper in Tromso, iTromso, took the initiative to do a internet poll where locals in the regions were invited to suggest names and vote for the ones they liked. One of the suggestions was Mordor, which is known as an important district in Tolkiens “Lord of the Rings”.

Some of the internet forums and facebook pages supporting and discussing the Tolkien world, catched up on the story and suggested to all their followers to go in on iTromso’s website and vote for Mordor. Result of this is now that Mordor is the clear winner of the poll, with close to 400.000 votes. This is more than double the total number of inhabitants in the region. Statistics from the newspaper shows that the majority of votes have come from countries like Lithuania, Spain, Italy and Great Britain. Serious votes from local people in the region is less than 8 percent of the total.

County mayor, Runar Sjåstad, says that last word on this has not been told yet. There is a general election this fall, and first of all, there might be another political fight on the merger issue. And secondly, any naming discussions are way too early to go into.

However, if you want to make your vote count in the poll, you can still go to the newspapers link and pick your favourite.