Kindergarten discovers grenade from World War II

Reinen Barnehage was on excursion to the beach earlier this week and discovered a big old grenade from second world war hidden behind the rocks. The grenade was found in an area were the ground recently seemed to have been washed away by the sea. School assistants Line Hoaas and Gunn Rita Indrevoll quickly understood the seriousness of their finding, and guarded the grenade until the children were in safe distance away from the site.

The German battleship Tirpitz was sunk by allied forces in Tromso in 1944.

The grenade was rusty and appeared to be around 30 cm long. Even though the battle ship Tirpitz was bombed and sunk in 1944 not to far from where the grenade was found, that’s not the real reason why the grenade ended up at this exact location. It is however not the first time grenades are being found here. Back in 2008, a local business owner discovered 13 grenades when his company, Biltrend, was working on its property along the same shoreline. There were no bombs dropped in this area during the war, so the most likely explanation is that the grenade ended up here after an explosion in an ammunition storage in the same area in June 1945, two months after the war ended.

There are possibly more grenades along this shoreline, but military experts says the explosives most likely have been destroyed by corrosion from being so close to the salty water for more than 70 years.

A mother to one of the children says it’s frightening that there still are grenades in the area. -“It’s a nice sandy beach here which we often visit. The area has been cleared for grenades earlier, but obviously not good enough”, says the mother.