Eagle catches snow hare

Hobby photographer Paul Nilsen discovered an eagle circling above him in Finnmark last week. When the eagle suddenly dived down the hillside, Nilsen took up his camera and prepared to take a picture of the bird. The eagle increased its speed as it got closer to the ground, and it suddenly came back up again with a snow hare in its claws.

-Just luck, says Nilsen to newspaper iFinnmark about the amazing photo. -I don’t know what happened with the hare. The eagle turned against the wind and flew towards the mainland, with a firm grip around the hare. I’ve got some comments on facebook where someone claims the picture must have been photoshoped. I can asure them it’s not. I don’t even know how to use photoshop.

Never seen anything like it

Eagle expert Alv Ottar Folkestad says that this is a full grown Golden Eagle, at least six years old. He has never seen anything like this.

-This is the first time I see a photo of an eagle taking an alive hare, Folkestad says. -I have seen eagles hit smaller birds, and I have also seen the result of an eagle taking a hare, but never with a living prey. I don’t think many people has ever seen that.