Extreme Auroras documentary

Ole Christian Salomonsen has created his own Northern Lights universe at the Science Centre of Northern Norway in Tromso. -Tromso gets the world premiere of this film, but I hope others find interest in it and buys it, says Salomonsen to newspaper Nordlys.

Thanks to the 3D dome theatre at the Science Center Planetarium in Tromso, guests can now experience the Northern Lights as if they where standing just beneath it. The film also portraits sami and inuit people who tell their stories and their interpretations of what the Northern Lights have meant for their lifes over the centuries. The film lasts for about 26 minutes and shows every day at 13.15 and 15.15.

Salomonsen has over the years been recognized internationally for his unique photos and films of the Northern Lights. But he is clear that this is the best he has ever created.

You can take a look at one of Salomonsens previous projects here:


10 years of Northern Lights photography

Time has passed quickly since Salomonsen bought his first professional camera in 2007. -My first picture that went viral on the internet was in 2009. Then when my timelapse from 2010 also went viral, I decided to make this my full time profession. And in many ways, I’ve succeeded with that says Salomonsen to Nordlys.

Salomonsen is pleased he has finally finished creating the film that he has been working on for 5 years, and he hopes other 3D dome theatres in the world find interest in his film and buys it.

-We are now working with a documentary that we hope to launch later this year. This will finalize all the nice shots I have had these last few months, Salomonsen says.

Ole Christian Salomonsen outside the Science Center Planetarium in Tromso.