Diving With Killer Whales

Diving with Killer Whales under the Northern Lights. David Gonzáles Buendía has just launched a spectacular video which will soon be a part of a full documentary.

David is from Madrid in Spain and came to Tromso 3 years ago with his girlfriend. They were supposed to stay in Tromso for just one winter, but they liked the arctic city so much that they deciced to settle down.

-I have specialized in Northern Lights photography and videos and like it very much in Tromso, Davis says to newspaper iTromso. -A few months ago, I was asked if I would be interested in making a few videos with Killer Whales.


David Buendía is working with 3 others on a new documentary from the sailboat “Barba” . One woman in the group, Kari Schibevaag, is 8 times winner of the world championship in kiting. -We had to use that somehow in the video, David tells iTromso. -One night we were lucky and got som really great shots of her kiting under the Northern Lights.



Diving with Killer Whales is not a trivial activity and can easily become very dangerous.

-We know there is a risk involved, so treating the animals with lots of respect is very important. Killer Whales are curious and its a fantastic experience to get eyecontact with them and swim alongside them listening to all the different sounds they make.

The video is a result of one week of filming from the sailboat “Barba” outside the island of Kvaloya in Tromso November last year. -We got some great clips of Killer Whales when we used drones. You can really see how they behave and how well synchronized they are.


Beatiful Landscapes

David says that video technology has made some huge progress in the recent years with respect to filming the Northern Lights.

-It’s only in the last few years we have been able to film the Northern Lights in “real time” with good light sensors in the cameras, David tells iTromso. -In earlier years, it was only possible through time lapse videos. This new technology gives many opportunities.

-Everyone has a camera today, so you have to stretch far to make a difference. -I put lots of effort in finding beatiful landscapes and pictures and in Tromso there are a lot of opportunities. -Especially because the lights changes so much.

David Gonzáles Buendía