Proposed under the Northern Lights

The australian couple Dale Sharpe and Karlie Russell loves photography and they have travelled around the world capturing their adventures. But their trip to Norway last week was a bit special as Dale was planning a special surprice. One evening he had prepared the camera and asked his girlfriend to join him in a selfie. -She thought it was just a selfie, Dale tells newspaper Dagbladet. -I set up a light behind her and went down on my knees.

-I said yes, Karlie says. I was overwhelmed so it took a while. I kept talking and asking him what he was doing. He had to ask me a few times to make sure I said yes to the right question. I don’t think I’ve ever been so surprised before. We were just gonna take a selfie in front of the Northern Lights, the newly engaged Karlie Russells tells Dagbladet.


DK photography

Threw away the engagement ring

Actually, it’s not the first time Dale has tried to propose to Karlie. He had planned to do the same last year when they were on Iceland. He had hidden the engangementring in a bottle of body lotion in his girlfriend’s hand luggage. He told her the lotion was for his mother and was very expensive in the hope she would take good care of it. But they were going in a smaller airplane and had too much weight in their luggage, so she threw away the bottle of body lotion, not knowing it contained the engagementring costing $3500. Dale had to buy a new ring in Australia this year, before the couple went on their trip to Norway.