Wildlife Photographer of the year

Tromsobased photographer, Audun Rikardsen, got three of his pictures awarded in the yearly competition “Wildlife photographer of the year”. Around 50 000 photos was sent in to the competition which is also being called Academy Awards of Wildlife Photography.
-This competition is the greatest in wildlife photography, says Rikardsen to local newspaper “iTromsø”.

Rikardsens photos went all the way to the final in three categories: “The wildlife photojournalist award: Single Image”, “Under Water” and “Mammals”.

Photo: Audun Rikardsen

-Even though the photos may not win, just being among the finalists is huge, says Rikardsen.
The common theme these 3 awardwinning photos share is that they are all taken outside of Tromso. -It’s fantastic to get my photos spread abroad. I am sure a lot of people in the wildlife photographer community who now knows where Tromso is. It’s nice to get my local area advertised abroad, says Rikardsen.

-I am fascinated and very found of this area, and I think it’s great to share the things I love so much. I see no need to go elsewhere to get the photos I want. My philosophy is that if you want to take good pictures that makes a difference, it’s much easier to do it locally. Then you can use the time you need and put effort in being on the right place on the right time. It’s much easier to do that when you know the place and the motive well. Here in Northern Norway and Tromso in particular we are very lucky to have this great nature around us. It’s a dream come to true for a photographer. Thats also why we have so many good photographers from the area.
-Often when I go abroad and receive awards, I hear others says that we are so lucky in Tromso because we have all the motives just outside our doorsteps, says Rikardsen. Maybe thats true.


Photo: Audun Rikardsen