Winter storms takes out flight radar for days.

Tromso has been haunted by severe winter storms the last couple of weeks. The storms have caused several minor traffic accidents and major delays on all plane traffic going in and out of Tromso.

There has actually been so much snow that the flight radar has been covered by it and doesn’t function. This has never happened before in Tromso, and actually, I am not sure it has happened anywhere before.

The flight radar is placed on Kjølen, one of the nearby mountaintops, popular for its normally easy access for trackers both summer and winter. But this year, the mountaintop is quite inaccessible if we should believe the flight control authoritities, Avinor. Avinor sent out a crew yesterday on snowmobiles, but the crew encountered so much snow on their way up that they had to turn back down. Helicopter is, still according to Avinor, not possible to use and next attempt will propably be by using skies.

Meanwhile, all flight control on departing and arrival planes have to be done by visual eyesight one by one. This is of course causing major delays and frustration among the passengers.

Once the planes are safe up in the air, the neighboring flight radars in nearby towns can take over.