Polar Park – Be kissed by a wolf

Polar Park is the worlds northernmost zoo, located in Bardu a couple of hours drive from Tromsø. The zoo gives guests the oppurtunity to experience the animals in their natural surrondings. One of their main attractions is the WolfVist where you are given the opportunity to physically meet the wolfes inside the enclosure. The wolfes are just like other wolfes, except for one thing: They don’t fear humans, and they have learned to enjoy our company as part of their natural environment. How amazing wouln’t it be to be kissed by a wolf?

Another premium attraction in the park is the WolfLodge, which basically is a cabin built in the middle of the biggest wolf enclosures. You reach the lodge through a tunnel from the outer fence. Here you can sit in the living room, having your favourite drink, while wolfes just outside the window looks in on you. You can rent the entire lodge for yourself or your group, but keep in mind, this is a premium product with a premium price.

You will find more information about the polar park here: http://polarpark.no/HOME