White Light

Sometimes the Northern Lights are so strong and bright that the normal green color turns into white. When this happens you often get spectacular light shows with rapid movemements and you will see the Aurora dancing over your head. This is the type of show you will be longing to experience if you ever visit Tromso. It doesnt happen every night, but once in a while you might get lucky.

This picture was taken by Froydis Dalheim, a photographer from Tromso who has made it her specialty to shoot the Nortern Lights as it reflects from water. Most of Froydis photos are from the island of Senja, a couple of hours drive from Tromso.

Froydis is also a singer and works as a music teacher when she isn’t out in the wilderness trying to get the perfect picture. You can see more of Froydis pictures at https://500px.com/froydisdalheim. Make sure you give her a like 🙂