Close encounter with whales

A couple of kajakers had a close encounter with humpback whales outside of Tromso in Norway. The 30 ton animal came up from the deep just where the kayakers where waiting and with a huge tail fin, the humpback whale turned one of the kajakers 90 degrees.

-“We saw from a distance that the whale was up and breathing once in a while. When we saw the whale changed direction and came our way, we turned on our cameras”, says one of the kajakers, Sara Stavarsdottir.

But suddenly it came clear to the group that the whale didnt just intent to pass them, it came right at them.

-“All in a sudden, I understand that the whale will not entirely pass before its tail fin comes up”. And the huge tail fin smashes into the kayak and turns it 90 degrees.

-“I wasnt really afraid. I know the humpback whales are very peaceful and this one propably just wanted to play”.