Gigantic Halibut

The crew onboard the “M/S Njord” got themselfes a real surprise when they pulled up the last fishing net just before they were about to take the weekend off.

-“Surely not something you you experience every day” says the captain.

On the last of five fishing nets, a 221 kg halibut was waiting for them at the end of the line.

-“We never got anything this big before. The monstrous fish wasnt well hooked in the net, so it could have easily fallen off if the weather had been rougher. Sometimes you just need a bit of luck”, says the captain Eirik Johansen.

It was very fortunate that the 36 feet fishing boat has a small crane which made the capture much easier. Without the crane, the crew would have really struggeled to get the giant fish onboard.

The halibut is now being sold to local buyers, so its expected to being available in restaurants in Tromso over the next few days,