Photo of a lifetime

Norwegian researcher and biologist Karl-Otto Jacobsen (49) took this photo of a lifetime in Tromsø, Norway. The 30 tonne humpback whale emerged from the water for a few seconds, performing a barrel-roll before crashing back into the icy seas.

Jacobsen estimates that the enormous humpback whale was about 20-30 meters from him when it came to the surface. It was all over in seconds.
The 49-year-old was worried if he at all had managed to take a proper picture of the acrobatic humpback whale when it jumped.
– There’s very limited lights here, so I had to take an action picture where I pushed the ISO values on camera right up to 6400.
Humpack whales feeding

I was worried it would be grainy, but it turned out to be as good as it could be.

– You’re full of adrenaline when you get an experience like this, especially when you are also able to get it attached to film.